[TV체크] 한채아 “5대 미녀? 동창생 들고 일어나” : 스포츠동아


Actor Han Chae-ah explained the theory of Ulsan’s 5 most beautiful women.

In MBN’s’Eat More’ aired on the 21st, Han Chae-ah appeared and prepared a meal with Chef Lim Ji-ho.

On this day, Han Chae-ah wore an apron before cooking. In response to Han Chae-ah’s active appearance, Kang Ho-dong said, “The 5th Beauty Class. Han Chae-ah is one of the five most beautiful women representing Ulsan.”

In response, Han Chae-ah said, “No, because there was a story about the 5 major beautiful women in Ulsan in entertainment. But I didn’t go out and went out as if I said with my mouth that I was a real 5th beauty.”

“I woke up with alumni proving that I am not the 5th beauty. “What are you doing?”

Emperor Emperor said, “I just said yes, it’s too much. My friends say that I’m all handsome.”

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